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Aluminium Sliding Doors or Folding – it’s your choice. Whichever way you go, you’ll see dramatic improvements in lifestyle and property value.

Whether you’re looking to open up your entertainment area or utilise the sleek look of a Aluminum sliding door solution to maximise light and air in a room, our Aluminium sliding doors range caters to your needs.

Aluminum Sliding doors

What we offer

All our Aluminium sliding doors have high-security glazing and locking mechanisms, and come in unparalleled colour choices. It really is up to you! We have a 10-year guarantee on all installs so you can sleep easy, and our dedicated professionals will have your new doors up with minimal fuss.

We have multiple choices within the Aluminium sliding doors range, from patio systems with thermal breaks through to sleek living room sliding frames. You can learn more on our dedicated products page.

Aluminium sliding patio doors are the perfect solution for creating open and engaging spaces in any home or commercial property. They easily help you maximise light without compromising on thermal efficiency – that means you stay warm while still getting the benefits of a great view.

What we offer

Conventional Sliding Doors Vs Our Plus Triple Track Patio Doors

hile ordinary sliding doors may be great for your property, there are other benefits in opting for the new triple track combination from Fns

Triple track patio doors mean your window panels sit behind each other, allowing you to open up a much wider space to the outside world. This is perfect if you have a hot summer’s day and are entertaining guests or simply want to sit and relax indoors while letting in the fresh air.

FNS Plus triple track aluminium patio doors also mean you can install much bigger glass panels compared to bi-fold doors (which generally need to be a lot narrower). They immediately create a sense of light and increased space because there is less framework in the way of your view.

You can opt for panels that are up to 2.5 metres in width of pure glass with a slim, minimised but very strong aluminium frame. They’re also very light and easy to slide open.

Aluminum Sliding doors

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