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Aluminium windows can offer many advantages, and when it comes to installing them in your home

they can last for years. They’re strong and durable, and like other types of windows, they won’t rust either. If you’re looking to replace your windows, then here are some benefits and key factors that are worth knowing about these types of windows.

Aluminum Sliding doors

Aluminium Windows

Making sure you have a home that’s performing efficiently is important and your windows play a big part in that. You want to have ones that are going to be thermally beneficial but also look appealing to the eye. They need to be able to fit well with the rest of the home both externally and internally. They’re a great way to help replace any old timber frames or older designs that might have become worn or tired.
There are lots of different styles that can be ordered, and we have an expansive range from sash windows to tilt and turn windows. We work with plenty of industry-leading brands and can, therefore, supply a variety of window designs to suit the property you’re in. We realise that every property is different and so it’s important to have as much versatility as possible when it comes to designs and functionality.

Types Of Aluminium Windows We Offer

Aluminium Casement Windows

Casement windows are the traditional way that window systems would open. This would be where the opening window (lights) are connected to the frames with hinges. These hinges are mounted on the sides or at the top of the window frame. There’s also a combination to have both if necessary.

Steel Replacement Windows

With period properties, you are likely to have many steel-framed windows because, during those times, that was the particular material that was of popular use. Although they can add great character to the property, they do pose problems that you might want to address at some point. We’ve got steel replacement windows that help retain the overall look and appearance of traditional Crittall steel windows. However, they are super slim and provide your home with the right amount of thermal efficiency that you’re after.

Curved Aluminium Windows & Gables

Using computer-controlled bending machines, these windows allow us to create different shapes that help adapt to the structure of the property. Whether it’s in the form of an arch, circle, D shapes, and more, these bespoke designs make it easy to meet any client’s requirements when it comes to windows.

Aluminium Sash Windows

With sash windows, you have vertical sliding sections, which are referred to as the sashes, and these are counterbalanced with weights. Timber sash windows tend to warp or cause draughts, where aluminium versions can help provide high thermal efficiency and also require very low maintenance.

Aluminium Tilt & Turn Windows

These are the perfect solution for those in a high-rise building because they can be cleaned from the inside. That means that you don’t need to necessarily get a window cleaner out, especially in properties that are leasehold and perhaps only get done once a year.

Aluminium Horizontal Sliding Windows

With overlapping sliding sashes that move horizontally, they’re the ideal solution when there might be an obstruction. It’s also a good option for something like a serving hatch if you wanted to have one in your home.

With all our types that are available, we work hard to bring value and quality to all our customer’s needs and wants.

Aluminum Sliding doors

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