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Frameless Folding Door

Frameless Folding doors in dubai is a system which glass sliding doors are united with hings so as pulling the first door will lead the others together. The doors are applied into track rail which is fixed on top and slide using special rollers that provide smooth and quiet movement. No further use of extra floor necessary, while door track rail is stability is achieved with the use of either safely locks or floor lathes.

Frameless folding doors dubai

What we offer

The size of each door varies and can reach up to 80cm wide and up to 300cm height. On top and Bottom glass doors are equipped with aluminum Profile . According to the glass holding patent system Sealing between the doors is achieved with Transparent poly carbonate or aluminum profiles That bear synthetic insulating brush. All top and Bottom alu profiles are equipped with the same brush in order to satisfactory seal the minor gaps. FNS135 glass sliding door is a simple and functional system,ideal for small openings such as shop windows,room partitions and many others applications always custom to your needs,crests a perfect result.

What we offer

Why should you go with our Frameless Folding doors system ?

Frameless folding doors 

1.Suitable for door sashes with big width,large quantityes and small installationspace.

2.All drection roller are installed at the center of every door sash to ensure an extremely stable operation of the whole set of system.

3.The upper and bottom patch fitting is configured with hairbrush for a superior sealed and soundproof capacity.If you want to strengthen the sealed and soudproof capacity , you could purchase sealed strip installed on the glass side.

4.No need to drill or cut the glass door sash,convenient installation,stable fixation.

5.Available glass thickness :10-12mm.

6.The maximum door sash measurement :2800mm(H)*1000mm(W).

7.Maximum single door weight :80KGS.

8.Material :Aluminum Alloy.

9.Surface finish : Silver white sandblasting oxidation


Frameless Folding Doors

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