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How to choose patio doors for your home

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Thinking about adding patio doors to your home? You’re making a great decision! Patio doors can add so much value to your home. They let in natural light and make your living space feel bigger. Plus, they’re perfect for enjoying the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your home.

But with so many options on the market, how do you choose the right patio doors for your home? That’s where we come in. We have years of experience helping homeowners select the perfect patio doors for their needs and style.

How to choose patio doors

Choosing a folding door and the way it is install can make all of the difference in your home. There are many options for doors, and knowing what they’re called and how to go about choosing one. Will help assure that you get exactly what you want. This article will explain how to choose a folding door, as well as mention some things to look for when considering an installation.

Folding doors are commonly known as accordion or Chinese closet doors, but there are many other names for this style of door. A common term used in the industry is “pocket door.” One thing to keep in mind when choosing a folding door is what was originally there before the new pocket doors were installed. If you have a wall where the door will be placed, and you want to remove it later, make sure there is enough additional space. Otherwise, your door won’t fit properly when you remove it.

First, there are two basic types of folding doors: hanging and sliding (also known as pocket). Hanging doors usually hang from the top of the opening and move up when they open. Sliding doors are moved to the side when opening, usually by rolling into pockets mounted to the top or bottom of the door frame.

Pocket doors are great for people who have small spaces but need more room. There is no track or hardware needed with pocket doors, only a thin rubber seal to hold the door in place. Pocket doors are a good choice for closets or bathrooms that have no room for standard swinging doors.

Pocket doors fit into a cupboard-like frame, usually on either side of the opening. Before you choose your closet door, measure your space carefully and make sure it will work for your needs. One big problem with pocket doors is that they cannot be removed from the opening, so you have to allow enough room for them.

Sometimes there are several options available when choosing a type of door. Windowpanes on some folding doors may provide privacy as well as light depending on how they’re position. Size is also a big consideration. There are many different sizes of folding doors, and you should know what size will be best for your space.

Patio doors for your home

After you have considered the type of door and how it fits into your space, take a look at the options available in hardware and locks. You may want to add locking latches or doorknobs so that children cannot enter rooms by opening the doors. Some people choose to match the hardware of their existing doors, which can provide a nice look as well as matching appearance.

Pocket door locks are convenient, but they are more expensive than doorknob locks. If durability is an issue, hanging pocket doors are stronger and less likely to break down over time. There are also available after-market locks that can be attach to any type of door. When choosing a folding door, consider the cost as well as the style and materials you will need for your particular needs.

Folding doors don’t just provide convenience. They also serve as an attractive addition to any room. Remember some important points when choosing a folding door: know what was there before, take into consideration any added needs, be aware of the materials available, and think about cost.

With just a little planning ahead, you can find exactly what your space requires for your folding door. The type of door will depend on the amount of use it gets as well as any other considerations important to you.

Once you have a general idea of what you want, check out the resources available to you. Depending on where you live, there may be a local supplier or installation service who can help you.

In many cases it is best not to install oneself. Some places have restrictions on things such as wiring and plumbing for new installations. It may be better to choose a professional who already has experience in that area.

While you may want to save some money by doing it yourself, having a professional install your new pocket doors will provide the most secure fit and finish for your space.

“closet door.” Whether you are replacing old closet doors or installing new ones, it is important to choose the right type of door in order to get the look you want in your space. Read this article for more information on what to consider when choosing folding doors.

Hanging Folding Doors

What are they?

                Hanging (also known as sliding) folding doors are an extendable type of door that slides up and down in tracks mounted above or beside the door opening, rather than swinging on a hinge. Hanging folding doors are the least complicate type of door to install and maintain, making them versatile and convenient.

How do they work?

                Each folding door is mount to two vertical tracks (the top track is stationary; the bottom track moves). The doors can be adjust to open and close easily by moving the tracks, and they can be extend (open) vertically. These doors require no floor space when opened and move smoothly along the track system with little effort. Some types of hanging folding doors include:

·          Retractable French door sets

Extending Folding Doors

What are they?

                An extending folding door system is an extendable type of door that slides open in tracks on either side of the door opening to one side or both sides. The track system can be mounted at different heights to best suit the height width and function of the room. Making them versatile and convenient.

How do they work?

                Each door panel is mount to an individual track so they can be extend to open up entirely if desired or partially, opening half of the doorway or just to one side. Closing the doors is as easy as closing a retractable tape measurer by pulling it back into place. The panels adjust smoothly along the track system with little effort. Depending on the style, some types of door panels can include:

  •          Single wooden panel
  •          Two wooden panels with a glass center
  •          One-sided fabric/wood center with two sliding panels on either side


Choosing the right patio doors for your home can seem daunting. But with the help of this article, you should be well on your way to making an informed decision. We’ve outlined some factors to consider when choosing between sliding and hinged patio doors. As well as some of the pros and cons of each option. We also looked at a few different types of glass that are available for patio doors, so you can decide which type is best for your needs. Finally, we wrapped up with a few tips on how to maintain your new patio doors. We hope this article will help you choose the perfect set of patio doors for your home and give you years of enjoyment. What are your thoughts?

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